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Barrister. Yehia Elsayed Mohamed Ahmed and his nickname is "Yehia ElKhatib"

In 1980, He Graduated from the Faculty of Law – Cairo University

In 1980, has been registered as an Attorney in the Egyptian Bar Association

Member of the Arab Lawyers Union

A Barrister in Cassation, Administrative and the Supreme Constitutional Since 1998

More than 40 years of Legal experience.


He worked as a Barrister for many Multinational companies such as:

Mannai Corporation QPSC in Qatar

Mannai Trading Company Which is an agent of automotive brands like:

GMC – Cadillac - Pontiac automobile – Opel – Subaru – LADA


Mannai Travel

Mannai Energy (Oil and gas)

Mannai Maritime Corporation

While he works with Mr Ahmed Abdallah Al Mannai, he has made significant strides and big achievements in Qatar – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia – Egypt.

On behalf of Mannai Company, He was the first to register (LADA car dealership) in Egypt, helped market and sell their cars by instituting legal proceedings and concluding agreements in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


As an agent of Mr Ahmed Abdallah Al Mannai (Rest in peace), He represented the state of Qatar in International Recovery File No. 9987 of 1995 between Qatar and Sudan… He had a prominent role to refund the money from Egypt, Sudan, and United Arab Emirates, Where he worked alone by devising a settlement with Sudanese suspects in company with Sudanese Attorney and the process has been successfully completed to refund the money seized from Qatar, Sudan or Egypt and United Arab Emirates.


To finalize the issue, He has met many public figures such as the Former Sudanese Minister of Justice and Former Sudanese President "Jaafar Nimeiry" (Rest in peace). He has made significant achievements in this file; the main ones are arresting, investigating the accused and refunding the money seized.


An agent for many Former and Current Public Figures, Sheikhs, Sheikhas, Businessmen in Qatar and has a strong connection with them such as:

H.E. Sheikha/ Bothaina Bint Ali Abdallah Al Thani

H.E. Minister/ Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah

Mr/ Ahmed Abdallah Al Mannai (RIP)

Mr/ Khaled Bin Ahmed Abdallah Al Mannai

Mr/ Mohamed Noah Al Mutawaa.

Mr/ Badr Bilal (Al Sad Club Player)

Capt. / Ibrahim El Sheikh

Dr/ Madiha Saleh Mohamed Mousa (Former Qatar University Director)

H.E. Sheikh/ Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani

H.E. Sheikh/ Salman Bin Mansour Al Thani

Heirs of H.E. Sheikh/ Nasser Bin Hamad Al Thani

H.E. Sheikha/ Hessa Bint Seif Al Thani

H.E. Sheikh/ Abd El Rahman Bin Jassim Mohamed Al Abd Al Rahman Al Thani

H.E. Sheikh/ Hamad Bin Jassim Mohamed Al Abd Al Rahman Al Thani

Dr/ Ali Saleh Hamad Odiba Al Meri

Dr/ Sayed Gad Allah


Yehia Elsayed has many cooperation agreements with Arab Gulf Attorneys to termination of litigation and all judicial disputes whether in their countries or Egypt


Mr Yehia got plenty of Legal, Arbitration and patent experience

Founder, agent, Legal counsel of more than 50 companies including global ones in Egypt… such as:

Global Trade Promotion Centre (Partner: H.E. Sheikha/ Bothaina Bint Ali Abdallah Al Thani)

Samsung Electronics Egypt

Zepter International

Rosy Blue Diamond (United Arab Emirates)

Knightsbridge Chemicals

I.T. Manara

Mobicom Egypt

Egy Pharma (Hefny Pharma Group)

Mannai Trading Company (Egypt)

Mannai Development and Trade

Ajwal Source

El Nour Contracting

Al Jalal Contracting


Founded, Represented and act many and many of them as Legal counsel before the courts.

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